Koth: Chronicles of War is a two-player, duel style card game that was born out of a hobby, which quickly turned into a weekend project.
As it is, the game is readily available for print and play.

For future we are planning to provide the game in print, release an expansion which will further introduce another game mode called 'mortal mode'. This game mode will instead use separate decks for each player and will allow deckbuilding. Also an ebook consisting of short stories is also being considered at the moment --to further introduce players to the gameworld.

Design and Development
Utku Tönel

Vincent A. Bacalso

Playtesting & Further Development
Utku Gürel
Serdar Burak Oral
A. Sencar Dinli
G. Remzi Yavuz
Levent Ökmen
Tim Mirkes

Utku Tönel

Special Thanks To
Çağdaş Özkan
Doruk Ayar
Umut Sağesen
Istanbul Board Game Enthusiasts